Unexpected things that bear the quality of “Made in Japan”

Japan has always had a strong commitment to craftsmanship. If you don’t like grotesque things, please don’t continue reading. This is an old story about a mermaid mummy.

A mermaid mummy, reportedly brought back from Fiji, made headlines in the U.S.

People rushed to see the show because they had to pay to see it. It would seem that the event was very profitable.

As you can imagine, the upper half of the body looks like a human being, while the lower half looks like a fish. The mummies with their agonized expressions seemed to amaze people at the time.

Mermaid legends are found all over the world, so it would seem that people had gathered with the thought that it was possible for mermaids to exist.

Let’s take a look at the actual photos.
Brace yourself.

Here it is.

It was carefully stored away, but finally a scientific investigation of this mysterious object was conducted, and the CT scan showed this:

Can you tell? There is something that resembles a wire in the hand parts.
Unfortunately, it is a fake.

The head and torso are a monkey’s, the hands are that of a crocodile or lizard, and the lower half of the body is a fish of an unknown type. The interesting thing is that it was made in Japan.

Test results indicate that it was probably made in about 1800, so they were making these things at a time when samurai were around. Some of these mermaid mummies are kept in Japan, while others have been passed on to Europe.

Incidentally, there is a legend in Japan of a person who ate the flesh of a mermaid. The legend tells of a woman named Yaobikuni who lived for 800 years without aging. I will tell you the story in detail some other time.

I don’t think I would like to eat a mermaid, but I would like to meet one. There are still many things we don’t know about the oceans. If we pollute the oceans too much, the mermaids might one day attack us in revenge.


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