Nishikigoi (colored carp): quintessential to Japanese ornamental gardens. Why not come to Japan and buy one?

Spring is almost here in Japan. In the gardens, the plum blossom season has ended, and the cherry blossom buds have started to protrude. It is exciting to think that a beautiful spring with fully bloomed cherry blossoms will soon arrive!

Nishikigoi are the perfect match for the beauty of the Japanese garden in each of the four seasons.

Swimming in a pond, they look beautiful, but even more so is seeing them swimming in a Japanese garden.

A Japanese garden where waterfalls have been sculpted, ponds have been deepened and stones have been carefully positioned to make it look more elegant and beautiful is like a huge canvas and the nishikigoi swimming there are said to be swimming jewels.

Nishikigoi are also completely different from one another in terms of their color and markings. The patterns also have names, such as ‘himon hanten’, which has three separate red spots, and ‘sandan kohaku’, which is particularly popular and traded at high prices.

The most interesting thing about nishikigoi is that the price for a ‘kohaku’ (red and white) variety is approximately 2,000 yen for a body length of around 20 cm and about 5,000 yen for a body length of around 50 cm, but for a ‘San-dan kohaku’, the price can go up to several hundred thousand yen or more.

However, everyone has their own idea of what makes a good nishikigoi, so if you try to see as many as possible and then choose your favorite among them, you will be able to  give it undivided attention.

If you want to see a lot of nishikigoi, the best way is to come to Japan. Furthermore, if you have any requests, we would be happy to work with a travel agent to create a tour for you.


Murasame Corporation Garden Maintenance

代表取締役 奥 明洋(AKIHIRO OKU)

CEO – Akihiro Oku

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