Lucky number? 358 mysteries

Car license plates found all over the world, in most countries.

In Japan, you can choose your own numbers for a little money. Numbers such as 1, 7, and 8 are too popular, so they will be drawn by lottery.

A maximum of 4 digits, I chose 1018 from my birthday, but I heard that the number 358 is extremely popular.

No matter how you look at it, it’s not going to be your birthday.

I understand that 1, 7, 8, etc. are popular because they seem to be lucky numbers, but do you know why 358 is popular?

Feng Shui Seen 358
Feng Shui has been passed down to different countries, but it may vary slightly from country to country.

In Japan, it is said that 3 means economic fortune and development, 5 means fortune and emperor, and 8 means the highest.

It is said that the fact that 358 was taken up as a sacred number in the book “The Equation for Turning the Universe on Your Side” written by Masakan Kobayashi in 2006 is also said to be a major factor.

358 historically viewed
When Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, attained enlightenment, he was 35 years and 8 months old.

There are three servants who appear in the Chinese story Journey to the West.
If you combine the names of these three people with the sound of the words and make a number,

Kappa’s Sagocho is 3.
Goku the Monkey is 5.
The Eight Commandments of the Boar are 8.

There’s more.
Buddhism was introduced to Japan in 538. (Huh?) Not 358)
Kukai, the founder of a Buddhist sect called Shingonshu, died in 835 (again not 358).

So, regardless of the order, the combination of 3, 5, and 8 seems to mean something.

What changes when you set it to 358?

If you look at the posts posted on SNS, you can see that it is 358 and then

・ Accidents no longer occur!
・No breakdowns!
・Fuel efficiency has improved!

There are people who write.
This is completely unfounded, so please don’t believe it too much.

Japan is good at giving meaning to the pronunciation of numbers, so other numbers like this are popular.

・ 2525 (smile) There is no trouble enough to make → smile

・1122 (いいふうふ) →夫婦円満

・3776 (Mt. FujiのElevation) →Nippon One

None of the figures are at all unfounded.

However, if you choose 2525 because you want to drive with a smile on your face all the time, you will drive with that kind of mindset, so it may be safe driving.

As with automobiles and motorcycles, even a moment’s relaxation can lead to a major accident.

It is said that your luck comes from your own mindset, so if you believe in your favorite number, you may be saved.

By the way, I chose 1018 because it was my birthday, just because it was easier to remember.
Of course, the PIN for a credit card or bank card is not 1018.
Don’t set such an easy-to-understand number.

I think that it is a number that everyone can see, not only on the license plate of a car or motorcycle, but also in various places in life.
Why don’t you try playing with Japan numbers?

Maybe “lucky” will come down?


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