Let’s look for animals that only exist in Japan.

Did you know that Japan is surrounded by the sea, and that there are some animals that are rather special? They are unique to Japan. If you visit the countryside, why don’t you look for them, take their picture, and show them off to everyone? 


Japanese hare (nihon usagi)

They are spread out in a wide area from Hokkaido to Shikoku and Kyushu. They are mainly found in grasslands and forests, with a body size of around 50 cm and a white stomach.



Japanese giant flying squirrel (musasabi)

This squirrel lives in Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, and is characterized by its long tail and its ability to glide in the air with its coat spread out. They are as cute as a stuffed animal.

They are found in mountainous areas but also places abundant with trees, such as shrines and temples in lowland areas.



Japanese serow (nihon kamoshika)

Widely spread outside of Hokkaido, they are found around 1,500 to 2,000 meters above sea level. They are tough and can climb rocks and cliffs.



Japanese macaque (nihon zaru)

Well, in a word, they are monkeys, but the amazing thing about the Japanese macaque is that they bathe in hot springs. Isn’t this picture amazing? He is playing with an iPhone while soaking in the hot spring! He looks like a regular guy!



Okinawa rail (yanbarukuina)

This is a flightless bird that lives in Okinawa. It feeds on earthworms and snails in the forest, but often gets into accidents when it jumps out onto roads by mistake. This animal is also listed as an endangered species.



Japanese rat snake (aodaishō)

Slightly blue in color, this snake grows to about 2 meters, but is not venomous. You are likely to see them on the plains, as they are often found in grassy areas and riverbeds.

My father said that when he was a boy, whenever he found a rat snake, he would swing it around by its tail, but you must not bully creatures.



How about it?

Photos of animals native to Japan would make great memories, don’t you think? I imagine it would be fun to visit the countryside and search around in nature.


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